Friday, September 5, 2014

Chris Powell 12 Week Vemma Body Challenge Week 1

Week 1 has come and gone.  It was a really good week with lots of exercise done. As mentioned before, my method of eating right now is carb cycling.  It really works for me!  This is a 12 week challenge that I am doing with the Vemma group, but a bunch of family members are doing a diet challenge.  I am pretty motivated trying to stay ahead of the pack. ;-)

 Here is how it went:

2.7 lbs. lossed
110 mins of strength & toning class
110 mins of Aerobic
146 mins on treadmill
70 mins on the elliptical
58, 261 steps

I really tried my hardest to be prepared.  If I had ready meals or snacks, I wouldn't grab something that wasn't healthy.  Trader Joe's is my favorite store to shop right now.  Here are some of my favorite items right now.

This is so yummy and I eat it with

And daily in my shakes I add power greens.


The second week has begun.  I hope to do just as well!!
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