Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Where Has the Time Gone?

My sincere apologies.....I cannot believe my last post was May 28th.  What a horrible blogger!  I really have good reasons.  I have been busy with LIFE! :-)  But it has been a good busy.  I have gotten a lot of projects done that I have been wanting to do.  And also, I am still making my fitness goals which take time away from the computer.

This week has been my first week back to normal work out schedule.  Taking a week off really helped my calf to heal.  I worked out on a modified schedule of three days last week.  This week will be a little messed up because of vacation! Oh beautiful San Diego is calling my name!  My niece is graduating from 8th grade and we are looking forward to a few days down south.  Anyhow....I am so glad to get back to working out.  This week I am back to incline on the treadmill and alternating days I will be using hand weights.  Time to tone these flabby arms!!  I could not believe how much of a difference hand weights made.  I was sweating  like I was running a marathon!  I also read that you burn more calories using hand weights.  Tone and burn calories, that is a win, win situation!

Fitbit totals are down, but they will be back up next week.

I love to read everyone NSV's and at times I have a hard time of thinking of my own.  But I have two that I want to share.  We have stairs to our balcony at our church.  Usually when I walk up the stairs they are a killer and I am huffing and puffing and need an oxygen tank.  I was so excited to walk up the stairs our last service a few times and it was a breeze.  That is a huge improvement for me!   Also, I just made a new exercise skirt for myself.  Since the last time I made a skirt, I had to take two inches off the waist.  I am so excited that I am losing inches!

I hope everyone is doing well and staying encouraged!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Those stairs used to get me too. Finally showed 'em who's boss huh? Right on!

    Glad your getting back to norm. :)


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