Thursday, March 21, 2013

A new start.....

Pages only work if you a have a few things to say. I plan on making this a journey, therefore Healthier Lifestyle with Nonny was created!! This is just a post to transfer all that was said prior. Thanks for stopping by!

{ Starting New Goal 3/1/13}

3/15/13  Another week has passed and I weighed today.  I had a weight loss of 1.8 lbs.  (Oh why, oh why does it come off soooo slow!  I know, I know, 2 lbs a week is better, but when you have worked out more than ever, you want to see more loss.)  I met my goal of walking at least 60 mins, which is about 3 miles a day. (except Sunday)  I have now added Elliptical to my work out.  When I first started, I could only do about 10 mins.  Now I am at about 30 mins.  What is really cool, is that 30 mins of elliptical burns more calories then 60 mins of walking.  I will eventually walk less and do the elliptical more.  Here's to another almost two lbs.!   I got to move more rocks and by money jar has more money!!

3/14/13 Weight Loss Motivation Jars

3/12/13  I love how Fitbit gives me a weekly report.  My stats look really good this week!

3/8/13 Today was my first weigh in day since March 1st.  I was really nervous about it.  Yes, I rely too much on what the scale says and knew if I hadn't lost, I was going to be really disappointed.  I was very excited to show a 4.2 pound loss!  It made all of the walking worth while!!  I didn't meet my goal, but realistically, I did okay.  I may need just a little longer to meet my first goal.  My non-scale victory for this week was walking everyday for at least 60 mins. (3+miles)  That is a total of 22 miles since March 1st.  I am looking forward to another strong week!

3/6/13 I have battled my weight as long as I remembered.  My mom was a petite 4 ft 10 in and always weighed around a hundred pounds.  I haven't seen that weight since grade school.  Growing up and being barely over 5 ft, I constantly battled my weight.  Through school I was very active, so I did okay.  After I my third child, my activity started dropping.  We became involved in other areas that kept me very busy.  And my love for food was my downfall.   Through the years it creeped on to where I am today.  I don't remember what thin feels like, I am determined to feel it again!

 {this is me at my largest 2010}


Yes, these pictures are rough! But what better way to see progress!!

Some of my goals for this year.....
1. Move everyday! While at gym 30 mins treadmill & 20 min elliptical (Increase as I get in better shape)
2. Drink Water! Can you believe I rather not drink water?!? Bad, Bad, Bad!
3. Not weigh everyday! I get so discouraged by slow weight loss.  I forget that it didn't come on over night!
4. Eat out less! We live a fast paced life and eat on the go a lot.  Home cooked meals are definitely more healthy.
5. To help motivate someone to reach their goal. (And get motivation in return)
6. I need to Realize....I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

Short Term Goal:
Lose 25 lbs

Long Term Goal:
Lose 65 lbs

Tools I can't live without!

My Fitness Pal 


Map My Walk 

Daily Mile

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