Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sometimes a Break is What you Need!

What a week!! I had really hoped to end this week on my way to recovery, but that is not the case. Because I didn't want to lose momentum, I pushed myself to exercise my normal routine.  I think because I rested my leg over the weekend, I completed Monday okay.  By Tuesday, I was hobbling and I couldn't hardly complete a mile.  Wednesday I decided to walk, but without incline.  That really helped, except by Thursday I was struggling again.    Now it is Friday and not only is my leg not getting better, the bruising is just beautiful on my leg.  I do not want to have another week like this week, so I decided that next week I am going to stop my routine and just rest and ice my leg.  I'd rather do this then keep struggling the next few weeks because I am making the injury worse.   That is the plan, and I hope I can stick with it!

I didn't weigh today because the Dietbet that I am doing started yesterday.  I will weigh again next week.  Not being able to exercise is going to make for a rough calorie week.  You definitely can't eat as much when you not exercising.  So I am going to..... 

Hope you all have wonderful weekend!!

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  1. Good for you! You need to rest your leg or it will get worse. I ended up resting my hip for 3 + weeks because I just couldn't get the inflammation out. If you don't let it heal, it will get worse. Good luck this week!!


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